Virginia Democrats file lawsuit for Richmond voting documents


The Democratic Party of Virginia has filed a lawsuit against the city of Richmond registrar’s office to receive a list of early voting ballots that contain errors.

The party is seeking the list to help voters correct errors or fix omissions on their ballots. A hearing on the matter was scheduled for Wednesday but was pushed back after the registrar’s office provided a partial list and began discussions with Virginia Democrats.

“The Democratic Party of Virginia is dedicated to making sure that every vote counts in this critical election,” Susan Swecker, the chair of the party, said in a statement.

“Part of that effort is a rigorous voter protection program to resolve issues with absentee ballots, and registrars across the Commonwealth have been very helpful in sharing information with us to aid in that process,” Swecker said. “The Richmond Registrar is a lone exception, and has been inexplicably stonewalling our efforts to resolve issues with voters’ absentee ballots. This kind of obstructionism is wrong, and requires us to take immediate legal action to resolve this issue and ensure everyone’s vote will count. Every vote matters, and doing everything we can to ensure they are counted is the right thing to do.”

The Richmond registrar’s office declined to comment until the matter is settled.

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