What Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo thinks about this Super Bowl


Many in the sports world — media and fans alike — are looking forward to the Super Bowl 2021 matchup between the Buccaneers and the Chiefs which takes place on Feb, 7 in Tampa Bay.

But one big-name sports radio host is not chomping at the bit to watch Tom Brady go for his seventh Super Bowl win in 10 tries or seeing if Patrick Mahomes and his Chiefs can become repeat champions.

“I did not want a Tampa Bay-Kansas City Super Bowl,” Chris “Mad Dog” Russo said on his Sirius XM radio program in a clip taken by @backaftathis. “I know the torch is being passed and Tampa is at home. And Brady-Mahomes and what can be better than that? I’ve already seen that, they played their on Nov. 29 (a 27-24 Chiefs win).”

Russo also said he also has a case of Brady fatigue.

I don’t love the game, I’ll warm up to it. A, I’m sick of Brady,” he said. “How could you not be? It’s his 10th time in the game, enough. It’s not a knock on Brady because I know how great he is.

“It’s amazing he’s playing this well at 43 years of age. I know all the great things about him as a performer, as a player, as a competitor. If you like sports, this guy you can’t possibly dislike, or not respect. He’s wonderful, he’s great. But I’m a little burned out by him.”

The Chiefs may have a chance to start a dynasty of their own with a win, but that prospect didn’t get Russo excited either.

“And I’m getting tired of the Chiefs. They’re too good,” he said. “They’re offense is too good and their quarterback is too good. I actually would have liked to have seen Green Bay and Buffalo in the game. Something different (Josh) Allen against (Aaron) Rodgers. I actually was hoping we’d see that. I actually bet it that way and lost.

“Been there done that with Bucs-Chiefs. … Been there done that.”

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