WATCH: New Ads Target ‘Woka-Cola,’ Other Politicized Brands


A nonprofit launched an advertising campaign criticizing “Woka-Cola” and other politicized brands.

Consumers’ Research — which works “to increase the knowledge and understanding of issues, policies, products, and services of concern to consumers and to promote the freedom to act on that knowledge and understanding” — is producing ads that note the hypocrisy of firms that stress social justice while promoting clear injustice around the world.

The group’s “Consumers First Initiative” includes ads about American Airlines, Coca-Cola, Nike, Major League Baseball, and Ticketmaster: “We are putting corporations on notice — It’s time to start serving your customers and stop serving woke politicians.”

A jingle about Coca-Cola points out the unhealthy nature of its products and reliance upon labor in China:

At Coke, we say we’re woke

We sell drinks bad as smoke

China is our labor supplier

That drives our stock price even higher

What the world knows today

Obesity won’t go away

Diabetes is here to stay

That’s our real thing. Woka-Cola!

Another advertisement points out the inconsistency behind American Airlines’ opposition to election reform laws:

American requires passengers to show ID to fly, but attacks Texas’ popular voter ID law. Why is CEO Doug Parker trying to appease the radical Left? To distract from billions in taxpayer bailouts.

The third advertisement about Nike observed the brand’s ties to slave labor in the Xinjiang region of China, where the government is enslaving Uyghurs:

Nike is constantly political. Why? Cover. Congressional reports suspect Nike used forced labor in China. Religious minorities were ripped from their families, sterilized, and sold to factories. Nike made shoes in those same areas.

Congress tried to ban Nike’s labor practices. Nike fought back with highly-paid lobbyists… Stop exploiting foreign labor. Serve your customers. Not woke politicians.

The Daily Wire reported last month that Coca-Cola faced backlash after its make-your-own-label “Share A Coke” promotion mistakenly blocked the phrase “Black Lives Matter.”

Although phrases such as “White Lives Matter,” “Asian Lives Matter,” and “Baby Lives Matter” were not blocked, “Black Lives Matter” produced an error message: “Oops! Looks like the name you requested is not an approved one. Names may not be approved if they’re potentially offensive to other people, trademarked, or celebrity names. We’ve worked hard to get this list right, but sometimes we mess up. If you think this is an error, please contact our Customer Care team. Otherwise, please try again, keep it fun and in the spirit of sharing!”

After customers realized that terms such as “Lesbian,” “Mexican,” and “Gay Pride” were also disallowed, they castigated the brand on social media — particularly, in the comments of a Coca-Cola tweet supporting “Pride Month.”

In the wake of other election security laws — especially one signed into law by Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA) — firms such as JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, and Major League Baseball issued statements about purported systemic racism in the measure. All five companies, however, benefit from their extensive operations in China.

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