The Most Significant Test of Our Nation is Not Voting Rights, It’s Politicians


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Charlotte, NC — Yesterday, President Joe Biden stood and made a mockery of the United States and our election system for around a half hour. He belittled the Republican party for attempts to secure elections and said that this is the biggest test our nation has faced since the Civil War. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Biden continues to use his divisive rhetoric, which goes against everything he promised to do when he was elected President and said in his inaugural address. He claimed he would be a uniter, but instead, he continues to push more division.

The division is coming courtesy of the radical agenda of the Democrats, not through any attemps to prevent anyone from voting. Republicans across the country would like to secure elections and to make sure that to vote in our elections you prove who you are. It’s not a matter of suppression, but rather a matter of integrity.

That should not be a Republican or Democrat issue, but rather an American issue. We should want those who vote in our elections to be Americans and to confirm that they are who they say they are. But that’s the problem, everything seems to continue to come back to a party issue, rather than a nation issue.

Biden and the Democrats continue the rhetoric that the GOP and conservatives in general are attempting to remove access to voting and to remove the ability for those to vote. Biden also claimed that no other election has been so scrutinized. Yet, no other election in history has had so many questionable actions by a party so desperate for control.

Survey after survey shows that Americans support voter ID laws and providing methods for election integrity. Voter ID has even garnered a lot of support from Democrats in these surveys and polls. Yet, the Democrats in Congress and the radical mainstream media continue to tell Americans that this is not acceptable and that it limits voting access. If Americans support it and want it, then shouldn’t our politicians do our will?

But this is about so much more than just voter ID and election security. While both of those are important, this is truly about how Democrats are committed to fundamentally changing our nation into a socialist nation and it seems that the Republicans are not as committed to stopping them as we woudl like.

Democrats want to eliminate the American dream in favor of the Marxist dream. They want to eliminate freedom in favor of their globalist agenda. They want us to bow to Russia and China as leaders, rather than to stand tall and proud as Americans.

They continue to racially divide our nation and call for the elimination of laws and law enforcement. They continue to push for radical taxation on anyone who works and free income for those who refuse to work.

They argue for the Green New Deal, a legislation that will cost American jobs, continue to end freedoms, and spend our nation into more debt. Of course, it seems that no one has any interest in addressing our debt in Washington, no matter their political affiliation.

The problem is that when Republcians are in office, they do little in regards to advancing an agenda that represents the American people. They had the majority in Congress in Trump’s first two years and wasted it. They could have accomplished so much more, but they failed to do so.

Now, Republicans struggle to get on the same page. Establishment Republicans, looking at you McConnell, are more interested in their own positions or advancing their own globalist agenda. While many speak out against critical race theory now, have you ever stopped to think that at some point this was approved and the Republicans did not speak out and fight it then? It was not an issue until Americans learned what was happening and made it an issue.

This is why it’s critically important for those who are not Washington insiders to continue to run for local, state and national offices across the country. These career politicians hate those who are willing to go against their agenda and focus on what Americans really want.

We need real change in our country. Real change is not going to happen by simply putting in a Republican Congress or Republican President. It is going to come through eliminating the real threat to our Republic. That is eliminating career politicians, establishment Republicans, and radical Democrats. We must eliminate politicians with freedom loving Americans.

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