The Biden comment that the mainstream media is not reporting


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Washington, DC — The mainstream media went wild reporting the Joe Biden comments on COVID-19. If you heard any news outlets yesterday, you are familiar with their typical rhetoric. Most headlines warned that Biden told everyone to prepare for dark days ahead.

Biden took the occasion in his comments on Tuesday to attack President Donald Trump over the distribution of the vaccine to the American people. He said that the President had failed the American people by not having more widespread distribution. He also said that at the current rate, vaccination will take years.

What the mainstream media failed to report on, was that Biden had yet another “gaffe” in his statements. While reading from the teleprompter, he struggled at times throughout. Then, nearing the end, he made a comment that should catch everyone’s attention.

Yes, he called Kamala Harris President-elect yet again. This is not the first time that it has happened.

You can watch the full video of Biden’s comments here. It is evident from watching the video that Joe Biden is not doing well. His sharpness has faded from his days in the Senate and Obama administration.

Add it to the list as Biden’s misstatements continue to grow. From forgetting his opponent to trunalimunumaprzure, Biden is not fit to be President. Not to worry, both Biden and Harris have admitted that she is the one in charge through repeated statements like this one.

While the mainstream media and the left continue to parade around saying that Biden is the one who is in charge of this program, do not be fooled. This is a communist train that is on a collision course with real American patriots.

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