Suspect nicknamed ‘Psycho’ sought after human remains found in Colorado


Colorado authorities said Wednesday they are searching for a suspect nicknamed “Psycho” in connection to the discovery of three bodies recently found near a rural hamlet.

It is unclear how suspect Adre Jordan Baroz, 26, may be linked to the unidentified bodies found last week in the tiny community of Las Sauces, but authorities said it’s their priority to get him into custody.

Baroz, a convicted felon, is considered by police to be armed and dangerous, and a homicide warrant has been issued for his arrest.

The suspect is from Sanford, Co., another small town near Las Sauces, and commonly known as “Psycho.”

“Our priority is to get him into custody and identify the remains,” said John Camper, deputy director of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

The suspect’s criminal history in Colorado includes assault on a peace officer, attempted escape and theft, court records show.

George Dingfelder, police chief of the small community of Monte Vista, which is helping out with the investigation, said Wednesday that the bodies were found on two separate properties while authorities were executing a search warrant.

Colorado Human Remains Found

Officials parked at the scene where where skeletal remains were found near Alamosa, Colorado.


Colorado Human Remains Found

Colorado Human Remains Found

One of the properties where skeletal remains where found.


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Not much is yet known about the bodies, including their gender, and it could take months to identify them, authorities said.

It was also not known if the remains are connected to any missing-person cases in the area.

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