Protests erupt in DC after man dies in moped crash during police chase


Protests turned violent in Washington, DC on Tuesday night over the death of revel Revel moped rider who was fatally struck by a passenger vehicle while being pursued by police.

Four officers were injured, and at least one person was arrested, after an unruly demonstration outside the 4th District police station, NBC4 Washington reported.

Family members of Karon Hylton-Brown, 20, who died after the Friday night police pursuit, also gathered at the precinct before a separate group started trashing the building’s entrance, the report said.

Hylton-Brown’s mother, Karen Hylton, wanted to get inside the precinct to face the officers who pursued her son for riding the moped without a helmet. The man was killed after colliding with a passenger vehicle.

“I miss my baby. That’s my baby. You understand?” Hylton told the news station Tuesday night.

Hylton-Brown’s loved ones have blamed the police for his death.

Some of the protesters on Tuesday night were seen chucking rocks at police cruisers. One of the precinct’s windows was smashed.

Police later formed a line outside the front entrance as protesters chanted “Show us the video!” tweeted NBC4 reporter Jackie Bensen.

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