Patti LaBelle is always ready to cook on the go


Always ready to stir it up

Patti LaBelle is also a chef who knocks off hotpot meals to hotshot eaters. Like 4 a.m. making Wyclef Jean burgers, fries and onion rings. She’s now reissuing her 20-year-old cookbook “LaBelle Cuisine.”

Once her entire hotel floor smelled of liver and onions. I wrote that she told me: “Girl, burgers sent up taste like s - - t and cost $100. Room service is dinky. I’m a down home eater. Picky. And I hate throwing money away.”

She showed me her portable kitchen. In one trunk: an electric fry pan, hot plate, two-burner stove, spices. “Last night I made okra, corn, shrimp with oregano, peppers and tomatoes. Next night sautéed salmon, garlic, pasta, snow peas. Once I came onstage with chicken in my teeth.”

As we speak Patti LaBelle is now reissuing her cookbook

Done and redone

Filming’s beginning in the UK for “Indiana Jones 5” — or 12 or 300. Harrison Ford, Mads Mikkelsen (from Oscar winner “Another Round”). Also Antonio Banderas. Spielberg’s producing but James Mangold’s directing. John Williams who did the music for every “Indiana Jones” thing does it again. I rush this bulletin to you because I knew you’d want to know.

Besides a sequel we also got us a prequel. Remember “Grease”? Comes now a thing set four years prior. This greasy one’s “Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies.” “Flashdance” and “Love Story” are also getting updated as new series.

Remember “The Thomas Crown Affair” thing? It’s back again. Round 3. 1968 we got it with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. 1999 a remake with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo. Now again. This time with Michael B. Jordan. Again a rich guy heisting a Monet painting from the Met. Maybe this one’s wildly different. Maybe this time the guy grabs a Van Gogh crayon.

The softer side of Stern

Howard Stern now paints. A Howie DaVinci he’s not but he’s the cover art of Dan’s Papers in the Hamptons.

Howard: “I’m moving slower than most in returning to civilization. I photograph stuff until something inspires me. Most of what I do I don’t share. I don’t want to be evaluated.”

His landscapes are nice. Not painted by numbers. Listen, could be a career for him.

From stage to rage

People mutter New York is open. I wouldn’t go that far. Let’s say it’s maybe ajar. At least the McKittrick Hotel — a venue for kitschy shows like “Sleep No More,” which restarts Oct. 4 — is open. Lobby and front desk are already being polished, revamped and taking bookings. Types around have been Madonna, DiCaprio, Sting, Timberlake, RuPaul, Adele, Neil Patrick Harris. Rooftop eatery Gallow Green has begun feeding guests.

Also: 35-ish Broadway shows are opening. Suppose scenes require kissing? Lovers singing into one another’s tonsils? Pit orchestras blowing trumpets while masked? Drinking from another’s prop glass? So . . . how?

Another situation. New Midtown buses are welded together, extended, stretching half a block. Takes lots of passengers. Helps mass transit. Great. Really great. Problem is, piled against one another they back traffic up to Utah. Also: Nobody’s on them.

Respect please

A thought: A movie’s coming called “Edge of the World.” So maybe we should be more respectful. Like maybe, no matter what, more considerate toward Hunter Biden’s father. We can say this about old Dad: At least he lives the life of a Renaissance Man. Maybe he can’t spell it, pronounce it or memorize it — but he lives it.

And let’s us all give a good thought about New York. Statistics list many twins are suddenly being born here. Could be the kids are afraid to come into this city alone.

Oy, only in New York, kids, only in New York. 

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