One Pharma CEO Promotes Idea of Annual COVID Vaccine


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Charlotte, NC — One Pharma CEO is already starting the discussion about how often someone may need a COVID vaccine before we even get through the first round of vaccines. Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky recently made the statements in an interview with CNBC.

Gorsky shared that the concern was that as the virus spreads, mutations form. He said that each mutation brings about a new risk and that it could necessitate updates to the vaccines for them to remain effective. But his concern is one that is a little confusing. Both Pfizer and Moderna have announced their vaccines appear effective against new variants that have been discovered so far.

The comparison of the COVID vaccine to an annual flu shot has begun, but there are some remarkable differences in the vaccines. Not only in their technology, but also in their reported effectiveness. Even still, officials have spent months telling the American public that a vaccine is the only way forward and out of the pandemic for good.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has emerged as the “expert” by many has indicated he expects widespread vaccine distribution in April and potential herd immunity by late summer. That expectation would allow a return to normal and easing of restrictions he, and other officials, have indicated.

But some public health experts have indicated that the virus may never completely go away as many have hoped for. Even as the Biden administration has announced that it has secured enough vaccines for all Americans by the end of summer, there is no indication that a large majority of Americans have any interest in taking the vaccine.

About half of Americans have indicated that they will take the coronavirus vaccine. Another third of the nation has said that it will simply wait and see what happens and how the vaccine works before they will consider taking it. The final 20% said they will not take the vaccine or will only take it if mandated.

Coronavirus cases have seen a continual decline across the United States in recent weeks. The CDC reports that approximately 53 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine have been given to date.

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