O.J. Simpson gloats over getting his ‘shot’ on Twitter


O.J. Simpson tweeted a photo of himself getting an apparent coronavirus vaccination on Friday — along with some gloating advice:

“Get your shot. I got mine!!!”

The photo posted to Simpson’s Twitter account shows him getting a jab in his left upper arm; the person wielding the needle is wearing protective gloves, a white lab coat, a surgical mask and a clear plastic face shield.

Within minutes the photo was ricocheting around the web, with some noting that the administer’s gloves did not fit.

“OJ getting stabbed by a person whose gloves don’t fit,” tweeted @RichnotRick. “Guess everything really does come full circle.”

Simpson, 73, has been a notorious troll since starting his Twitter account in 2019.

His Twitter profile says he is based in Las Vegas, though it is not clear where he got the shot.

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