Mom whose kids were shot in West Virginia murder-suicide speaks out


A woman whose two young sons were gunned down by their stepmom in West Virginia last month slammed the killer as “selfish” and “evil” in a new interview.

Raven Bumgarner told The Sun that she feels her soul was “ripped out” by the Dec. 8 murder of her young sons at the hands of her ex-husband’s new wife, Oreanna Myers.

“How could you do that to children?” Bumgarner said. “They had full lives ahead of them.”

Myers, 25, shot Bumgarner’s kids, Riley, 6, and 7-year-old Shaun, as well as her own three young children before burning her house down and turning the gun on herself.

She left a confessional suicide note in which she wrote she was not strong enough to defeat her “demons,” and apologized for her “evil crime.”

While authorities in Greenbrier County have said Myers suffered from depression, Bumgarner said she believes Myers was “of complete sound mind” when she committed the massacre.

“She was selfish and she wanted to hurt people,” Bumgarner said.

“This was planned, and I can’t get my boys back, she murdered my babies.”

The grief-stricken woman recalled how she would always tell her boys: “Mommy’s always here, mommy always comes back.”

“But mommy couldn’t stop this,” she told the outlet.

Authorities said Myers was upset that her husband, Brian Bumgarner, had been staying with his father during his workweek instead of with her and the children.

Text messages obtained by police showed Myers told her hubby: “Don’t worry about this piece of [expletive] anymore. You’ll have nothing to come back to but to corpse [sic].”

“You choosing money over my depression shows I am [expletive]. No one cares why should I?”

Raven Bumgarner said she thinks Myers “wanted to take everything from Brian.”

“But she didn’t just hurt Brian when she did this, she didn’t just hurt his kids, she hurt everybody.”

“This wasn’t just some mental illness, it was planned,” she said.

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