Mark Graham’s Top 12 Legends of Lockdown 2020


Bret Easton Ellis, former enfant terrible of the NYC literary scene of the ’80s and ’90s, has found new life in the medium of podcasting. Bret hasn’t published a new novel since 2010’s Imperial Bedrooms; but his primary creative outlet has been his eponymous podcast (The Bret Easton Ellis Podcast), which is available to paying Patreon subscribers (starting at $2/episode). He’s one of the elder statesmen of Generation X, and his podcast covers a limited but unfailingly interesting range of topics: movies (both new and old), books, his “millennial socialist boyfriend,” and, more often than not, a celebrity interview (author Bruce Wagner, actress Justine Bateman, and bad boy screenwriter Nic Pizzolatto are but three of the people he interviewed this year).

People have been trying (unsuccessfully) to cancel Bret for a good 30+ years now, and this is reflected in his delightfully world-weary approach to popular culture. He dubbed his real-time reflections of the early days of the coronavirus as “The Season of the Virus”; his general distrust of the MSM provided an effective counterpoint to the fear and hysteria emanating from reactionary cable news channels all year long. He’s quite proudly not everyone’s cup of tea, and while I find myself laughing at him almost as much as I’m laughing with him, I’ll continue to be a satisfied Patreon subscriber of his for as long as he continues podcasting.

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