Letters to the Editor — July 14, 2021


The Issue: The lack of support from left-wing politicians for pro-democracy protesters in Cuba.

The massive protests against 62 years of Cuba’s murderous, communist, despotic rule should come as no surprise, except to the willfully blind, like Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Squad and their progressive followers (“Joe must do better to show our support,” Jonathan Tobin, July 13).

Unfortunately the useful idiots in the media, politics and academia will remain willfully blind to today’s protests and continue to sing hosannas to communism: a failed system that is responsible for millions of murders in Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, North Korea, et al, over the past 120 years.

Richard Sherman

Margate, Fla.

The protests in Cuba are being carefully monitored in the halls of the autocratic regimes in Beijing and Moscow.

It is a reminder that dictators are seldom toppled from above, but by the power of the people below demanding change.

Beijing has the power to control the Hong Kong protests, but it clearly understands that a mainland protest would be beyond its control. China is not Cuba — at least not yet.

Ed Houlihan

Ridgewood, NJ

Does anyone really expect the card-carrying socialists to speak up and support the pro-democracy protesters in Cuba?

Of course they support and align themselves with the communist regime that rules Cuba with an iron fist.

To oppose them is antithetical to their Marxist ideology and talking points. Sanders taking aim and blaming the United States for the hard-line sanctions on Cuba is ridiculous.

Yes, the silence is deafening, and yes, the irony is horribly lost on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her contrarian cohorts in the Squad.

How can they justify supporting the Cuban pro-democracy protesters without falling on their political swords?

The United States is a beacon of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Others are willing to die for what we take for granted.

Theresa O’Brien


Massive protests took place in Cuban cities against the communist regime.

Some protesters flew American flags, which took a great amount of courage. They look toward the United States as a beacon of freedom.

Too bad many Americans, including the socialist contingent of the Democratic party, don’t appreciate what we have here.

Bill Isler


Trying to morally prop up the permanent Cuban Marxist junta established by Fidel Castro has been a favorite pastime of the American left.

Rich Lowry cuts through the myths of that imprisoned island’s supposed health care and literacy leaps like a knife through butter (“Beloved by the Left,” PostOpinion, July 13).

With courageous Cubans now taking to the streets shouting “freedom” and “enough,” American lefties are already blaming former President Donald Trump’s tightened economic sanctions for the sight of Cubans yearning to be free.

Now watch the radical Dems’ useful idiot, President Biden, ease those sanctions to escape the wrath of the now dominant Bernie/AOC wing of his party.

James Hyland


History always repeats itself, as demonstrated by the people of Cuba. These aren’t the days of the Castro regime; this is present-day communism.

Yes, the pandemic played a role in Cuba, as it has throughout the world, but reimposing sanctions, as Trump did, was certainly the correct action.

Now, it’s Biden’s turn to resist the Cuban government. Hopefully, he doesn’t give in to the communist regime.

Ron Zajicek


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