LA protester lost testicle after he was shot with rubber bullet: lawsuit


A George Floyd protester lost a testicle — leaving him permanently disfigured — after he was shot with a rubber bullet by Los Angeles police, he claims in a new lawsuit.

David Bond says he was peacefully protesting on May 29 when cops began forcing the demonstrators back before unleashing pepper spray and a hail of rubber bullets on them, according to the Central California federal complaint.

The filing from Friday accuses officers of firing “indiscriminately and without justification at the peaceful protestors, many of whom had their hands up in surrender at the time.”

One of those rubber bullets hit Bond’s leg and testicle, causing him “to fall to the ground bleeding and in severe pain,” the court papers allege, noting that cops didn’t offer him any medical attention.

Bond “was not combative or assaultive in any way,” the suit claims.

“Plaintiff was merely walking backwards in obedience to officer commands, as the assault line pressed forward on the crowd” around 10 p.m. near Second and Spring streets in downtown LA.

Bond says he had to undergo emergency surgery with “one of his testicles having to be surgically removed due to the damage” — and now has “permanent disfigurement,” the court documents claim.

The suit also notes that Bond is a third person to come forward with testicle injuries resulting from the LAPD’s “excessive and unreasonable force” during the Floyd protests, the court papers allege.

Ben Montemayor, 28, was shot in his groin by LAPD at close range with a foam-covered round during a June protest in an incident caught on video, the documents highlight.

And on May 30, according to the suit, Bradley Stein was shot with a rubber bullet by the LAPD in his groin and leg, resulting in a ruptured testicle.

Bond, in his lawsuit, says this “demonstrates a pattern and practice of deliberately aiming, and intending to injure male peaceful protestors in a similar fashion.”

Not only was Bond injured, but he accuses police of also violating his constitutional right to protest.

On July 29, Bond filed a claim with the city of LA, but it was rejected on Sept. 28.

He is now seeking unspecified damages for past and future suffering, disfigurement, emotional distress, embarrassment, medical expenses, lost wages and other claims.

A spokesman with the LAPD said the department doesn’t comment on pending litigation.

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