Joe Biden Cannot Run From His Past Statements


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Charlotte, NC — At Monday’s press briefing, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that it was not ‘a fair articulation’ to say that Biden called Trump xenophobic due to his travel bans. Psaki made the comments as she was pressed for answers regarding Biden’s latest set of travel restrictions around the coronavirus. While Psaki says it is not a fair articulation, it is exactly what Biden said.

Candidate Joe Biden railed against President Trump’s travel restrictions. He said that a wall or travel restrictions would not stop the coronavirus.

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A wall will not stop the coronavirus.Banning all travel from Europe – or any other part of the world – will not stop it.This disease could impact every nation and any person on the planet – and we need a plan to combat it.

He then proceeded to say that Trump should put aside his xenophobia and lead. Both statements were made less than 1 year ago and thankfully we have record of them both on Twitter.

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Stop the xenophobic fear-mongering. Be honest. Take responsibility. Do your job.

While Psaki may want to dodge the questions, the questions are valid. The statements were made by Joe Biden and directed back to President Trump. But now that Biden imposes travel restrictions, this instantly becomes acceptable? Only in the minds of the Left.

This is exactly what we have already come to expect from the Biden administration, however. Just last week, President Biden signed an executive order mandating masks be worn on federal property. Immediately after, he and his family enjoyed federal property without a mask.

When asked about Biden violating his own order, Psaki said that there were more important things than whether Biden was setting an example for the American people. Just like this time, she again pushes back with an unacceptable answer. The Biden administration cannot continue to dodge these types of questions.

Just because you are liberal and become President does not exempt you from answering questions and abiding by the law. That is what Speaker Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and other Democrats have been saying for months, including Joe Biden.

President Biden and the Democrats all believe they are above the law but that is not the case. Just because you are President does not exempt you from having questions answered. It’s also impossible to argue that it is not a fair articulation when there is evidence to prove it happened.

It is just another example of how Democrats are a “do as I say but not as I do” group. While the Press Secretary may attempt to dodge these questions, they will continue to be asked because the American people deserve to know the answers. Who do the Democrats have to thank for that? Themselves, because that is the message they have been giving for the past four years.

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