Haircuts now legal on Sunday in New York, as Albany repeals blue law


A new measure in Albany is a breath of fresh hair.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill Tuesday that repealed an “archaic” law which made it a criminal offense for barbers and hairdressers to work on Sundays in the state.

As most New Yorkers know, the blue provision has not been enforced in modern times. Still, the Democrat tweeted a pun-ridden statement to celebrate the decriminalization.

“An archaic law that made it a misdemeanor to cut hair on Sundays has been shaved from the books,” Cuomo said.

“It’s not splitting hairs to say that barbers should be able to work any day they want.”

Three years ago, Cuomo closed a loophole in the law that allowed customers to skip out on paying barbers and beauticians without criminal penalty.

In 2004, Albany allowed liquor stores to hold normal hours on Sunday, in a reversal of a long-held puritanical law.

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