Give your home workspace a serious upgrade with this desk riser


Who would’ve thought that standing instead of sitting while working at your desk would be so beneficial? If you want to upgrade your WFH experience and dive into the standing desk trend, start here. The FlexiSpot M7C Desk Riser with Deep Keyboard Tray stands out from the rest (pun intended) as it is in the shape of a “U” and expands your space in a variety of ways, so you have more room for essential work tasks. Plus, it’s better for your health.

Let’s talk about those health benefits. Research shows that sitting all day is closely linked to obesity, diabetes, cancer, and other issues. When you stand, you burn more energy than you would while sitting because you tense and engage your leg, back, and shoulder muscles—approximately 50 calories per hour for those of you counting. You may get the urge to sit down when feeling tired from standing, but if you stand at your desk regularly, you’ll get used to it and reap the benefits.

Customers who have purchased the FlexiSpot are impressed with its benefits: with over 1,000 reviews on Amazon, it holds a 4.7-star rating. One satisfied buyer says, ” I started having a lot of neck and shoulder pain and began the search for a solution. I love the FlexiSpot so much and it’s making my time working from home much healthier and ergonomic.”

This riser has flexible height adjustments, enabling you to modify your workspace’s height to your preference. It raises and lowers vertically, which helps the space-saving design and offers better stabilization. You can use this riser with or without the keyboard tray, making it even more versatile and customizable. There’s a configuration for just about any way you prefer to work in a given moment.

You may even find yourself becoming more productive when using this desk riser. In a 2018 trial, researchers found that people standing at their desks were more engaged at work and better at their jobs. If you tend to get easily distracted, standing at your desk may be the boost you need.

Get the FlexiSpot desk riser to improve productivity, burn some extra calories, and relieve pain. Right now, it’s 11% off at $149—less than you can get it on Amazon.

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