DC Hotel caves to pressures from the left, announces it will close during January protests


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Washington, DC — Late on Monday, Hotel Harrington announced that it will be closing from January 4 – 6 in light of the protests that are expected surrounding the Electoral College process in Congress. Hotel Harrington has been a popular spot for conservatives throughout the protesting and activities in DC since the election. The hotel announced that it was taking the measure in order to promote safety.

The move to announce the closure on Facebook comes after several media outlets were reporting that the Proud Boys had named the site its official operating headquarters for the upcoming protests. On Monday, before the hotel announced the closure, The Independent reported that many staff and guests were “unnerved” at the Proud Boys being at the hotel and bar. Harry’s Bar had already announced it was closing for the protest days as well.

The Independent also cites the leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, who said the group would stay away from the establishment if they were asked to do so. He said he was unaware of the issues that the group was accused of.

While the hotel and the bar may claim that the move was solely about the safety of their employees and guests, it appears that there is another side to the story that is buried deep in the coverage of the issue. It appears the businesses were being targeted by DC officials.

Near the bottom of the story from The Independent, it shares how several DC leaders commented on the operations of the businesses. It quotes radical DC Mayor Muriel Bowser as saying, “These Proud Boys are avowed white nationalists and have been called to stand up against a fair and legal election.” DC Council member Brooke Pinto issued a statement to The Washington Post that specifically said the bar was allowing people to disregard social distancing and coronavirus restrictions before they took to the streets.

The story also shares how left-wing activists, like the group ShutDown DC, were also targeting the bar. The group has targeted businesses around DC in what it claims are attempts to hold them accountable. Instead, they are promoting left-wing activism and supporting terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

As soon as the closing announcement was made, the group posted its support and started calling on other DC hotels to do the same.

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To be clear, no DC or area hotels should be hosting the violent, racist fascists who are coming to town to attempt to overturn the democratic process

This is not a hotel that is simply closing in order to protect its workers and its guests. This is a hotel that is giving in to the bullying tactics of the left. I wonder what threats the DC leaders made against them to pressure them to close? I wonder what threats ShutDown DC made against them. Did they threaten to destroy their business like many of their other friends across the country have done?

As I often say, you have to read deep into these stories to get the truth. This is not about the Proud Boys or safety at all. This is about the left’s desire to continue stealing the election and preventing anyone from speaking against it. After all, they never have liked someone that is resistant to their agenda.

It’s clear that city officials and these radical groups are pressuring businesses to close. They want the businesses to refuse service to the conservatives who might “attempt to overturn the democratic process.” It is just the typical liberal playbook here. Do what we say and do not ask questions.

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