Capitol riot sedition cases will ‘bear fruit very soon’: feds


Federal authorities are building sedition cases against some rioters who stormed the US Capital — and may bring indictments against those suspects “very soon,” a federal prosecutor said Tuesday.

“We are closely looking at evidence related to the sedition charges … We are working on those cases. I think the results will bear fruit very soon,” Michael Sherwin, the Acting US Attorney for Washington, D.C., said on a conference call with reporters.

He added sedition charges against suspects would be in “significant” cases related to the Jan. 6 riot and would carry a 20-year sentence in federal prison.

Sherwin’s office has brought federal charges against 150 suspected rioters in the three weeks since the siege, and they are continuing to investigate the more complicated cases they are hoping to bring in the upcoming weeks.

Those investigations include probes into the who planted pipe bombs at the DC headquarters of the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee, the killing of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick and conspiracy investigations.

Federal investigators are probing “possible coordination among militia groups” and individuals from separate states who had a plan to travel to DC and break the law, Sherwin said.

Five people, including Sicknick, were killed in the riot after a mob of President Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in an effort to overturn the result of the 2020 presidential election.

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