Biden executive order reopens ACA health exchanges for 3-month period


​Health exchanges created under the Affordable Care Act reopened on Monday for a special three-month enrollment period after President Biden signed an executive order last month to provide Americans with more access to health care during the coronavirus pandemic.

The signup window began Monday and will continue through May 15, making health care coverage available to the millions who don’t have coverage through work or who have lost their job during the pandemic.

​About 30 million Americans did not have medical coverage before the pandemic and roughly 3 million individuals lost their employer-based health-care insurance between March and September, the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation said.

The foundation estimates that nearly nine million people will be eligible for coverage during the three-month enrollment period.  

​Biden signed the executive order on Jan. ​28, pointing out that “it is even more critical that Americans have meaningful access to affordable care” during the coronavirus. 

The order reopens the government health insurance markets that conclude their sign-up periods in December.

According to the Johns Hopkins University database, more than 485 thousand Americans have died of the coronavirus.

“Anybody who doesn’t have coverage or isn’t happy with their coverage should be looking at the marketplace during this extended enrollment period,” said Karen Pollitz, an insurance expert with the Kaiser Family Foundation.  ​

Subsidies in the form of tax credits are available to help pay the premiums for families making between 100 percent and 400 percent of the federal poverty level​, meaning the high end would be $104,800 for a family of four.

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