AOC blasts Trump on taxes: ‘These motherf–kers are only paying $750 a year’


Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez resorted to F-bomb insults when talking about President Trump and other Republicans during an interview with Vanity Fair.

Ocasio-Cortez dropped the foul language while speaking with reporter Michelle Ruiz soon after the New York Times published a series of stories about Trump’s recent tax returns.

“These are the same people saying that we can’t have tuition-free public colleges because there’s no money when these motherf–kers are only paying $750 a year in taxes,” she said in the interview.

Ocasio-Cortez then transitioned to an attack on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in her interview for the cover story.

“Trump is the racist visionary,” she told the magazine. “But McConnell gets the job done. He doesn’t do anything without Trump’s blessing. Trump says, ‘Jump.’ McConnell says, ‘How high?’ Trump never does what McConnell says.”

AOC sounded off on a range of other topics in her conversations with Ruiz, including her relationship with House Democratic leadership.

“House leadership is, sometimes, a little wary of me speaking on the floor. Not that I’m not allowed to, but it’s a little more dicey. I think a lot of people, including my Democratic colleagues, believe the Fox News version of me,” the 31-year-old Congresswoman told the magazine.

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