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Actor Gabriel Byrne says he called the priest who sexually abused him

Gabriel Byrne says that he once contacted the priest he accused of molesting him as a young boy — and the man had no...

‘One Night In Miami’ True Story: How Accurate Is the Amazon Film?

One Night in Miami..., which began streaming on Amazon Prime today, seamlessly blends fact and fiction. While that makes for an educational and entertaining...

Antibody-rich plasma treatment reduced deaths for COVID-19 patients: Mayo Clinic study

Blood plasma transfusions with high concentrations of COVID-19 antibodies reduced deaths among some virus patients, according to a new study conducted by Mayo Clinic...

Operation Warp Speed chief resigns at Biden team's request, will stay through transition, sources...

Operation Warp Speed Chief Adviser Dr. Moncef Slaoui has submitted his resignation at the request of the incoming Biden team, under a plan that...

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